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Spinning BikeSpinning Bike



Muscles used: A cardiovascular piece that works the whole body


A bike is a classic machine for any gym. This cardiovascular piece of equipment works the lower body as well as heart and lungs. Install several together to create an outdoor spinning class. All the mechanisms and built in resistance are cleverly concealed within the housing. This makes the fitness bike extremely safe as well as protected from the elements. Leaving it ready and smooth to be used by anyone, whatever the weather.

How to use correctly

The Fitness bike is designed for an all round Cardiovascular experience.

  1. Use the handles to help you get up onto the seat.
  2. Hold onto the handles while simulating a cycling motion with your legs.
  3. Keep your head nice and upright concentrating on a good posture and keep your breathing nice and steady.


  1. Improves muscle stamina and endurance.
  2. Improves heart and lung function over a period of time.

Trainer's Tip

  1. Start off nice and gently until you are happy with your rhythm then try an interval session where you spend 5 mins at a steady pace then 1 min as hard as you can, repeat.
  2. Concentrate on a nice even breathing pattern which will help you get into the ‘zone’.

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