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Muscles used: abs, stomach, triceps, biceps and core


More than just any old abs bench. This is a classic example of how TGO brought their fitness and design expertise to get the most out of a single unit. There are a number of exercise variations on this piece of equipment not just limited to sit ups. The bars around the edge enable to user to perform incline press ups and triceps dips and the bench caters for a wide variety of sit up and abdominal cruch exercises.

This machine is great for the middle or end of a training session to really focus in this particular muscle group.

How to use correctly

Sit ups

Use the Abs Bench to tighten up that core

  1. Sit with your feet fixed, as shown in the diagram with your knees over the top bar and your feet under the bottom bar to secure your position.
  2. Place your hands on either side of your temple, across your chest or finger tips on your thighs. Keep them there for the duration of the exercise. (NOT FIXED BEHIND YOUR HEAD)
  3. Now sit up to 90° and lower again, under control.

Tricep dips

  1. Sit in the middle of the bench.
  2. Place your hands on the bar in front of the bench either side of your leg.
  3. Gently bring your body in front of the bench. 
  4. Lower and raise your body using the tricep muscles in the upper back of your arms.

Press ups

  1. Stand in front of the bench.
  2. Place your hands on the bar in front of the bench, shoulder width apart.
  3. Stretch your legs out behind you or bend your knees for a gentler exercise.
  4. Raise and lower your body with your biceps and chest muscles.


Stronger arms, firmer core and more toned stomach muscles

Trainer's Tip

  1. There are a number of variations on this piece of equipment. ‘Imagination is your only Limitation!’ Try an Incline Press Up, Dips and various other sit ups?
  2. If you have back problems, please seek medical advice before use.
  3. A stronger firmer ‘core’ is essential for everyday living, so lets spend some time either in the middle or end of your session to really focus in this particular muscle group.

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