TGO Coastal Specification 
TGO ‘Coastal Specification’ is specifically designed for our equipment installations in coastal areas. Our industry leading coastal treatment is available for all our equipment, delivering with it a 25 year guarantee.
Our coastal specification incorporates:
Despite having been proven and is well documented to as a high quality and durable treatment for steel, the E-coating process is still relatively unknown. As part of our coastal treatment we e-coat all our steel (with the exception of stainless steel components) as it is proven to be a far more effective treatment against corrosion than hot dip galvanising.
Many industries have made use of E-coating since the 1970′s to add a level of corrosion protection to metal parts. One of the main industries which make use of the benefits of E-coating is the automotive industry which use this process to add a protective, corrosion resistant base layer to metal bodies before final painting.
To create an extremely durable and corrosion resistant finish we use our powder-coated finish applied on top of the an E-coated base. As well as the car industry, E-coating is used for domestic appliances and also urban street furniture.
  • Perfect coverage and tough coating on all areas including corners and edges which are normally susceptible to chipping and flaking.
  • Better coverage which and less chance of defects.
  • Protects both the outer and inner edges of the products.
  • Higher resistance to salt water spray than hot dip galvanising
  • Can be applied to all metals.

From Oilite® to Polymer IGUS® Bearings 
Outdoor gym equipment is very different to play equipment because it has many more moving parts; all of the moving parts of our equipment require bearings in order to make the product ‘dynamic’.
Our standard bearing is an oilite® brass impregnated bearing which functions very well, however in salty environments our standard high quality brass bearings may become squeaky and even stiff.  To alleviate the potential for this to occur our standard olite® bearings are replaced with IGUS® polymer bearings.



Polymer IGUS® bearing                    Standard oilite® bearing 

Marine Grade Stainless Steel  
All our stainless steel components are upgraded to 316 stainless steel or aluminum.
Another type of bearing used in our equipment are roller bearings. Roller  bearings are used on our fitness bikes, cross trainers, pull up and assisted pull up machines. We currently use standard steel bearing in our normal range. These are more than adequate for the majority of inland locations.
For coastal locations we are replacing these bearings with a high grade stainless steel option. This is to eliminate any chance of the bearings rusting and thereby protecting the equipment year after year.
Stainless steel roller bearings               Standard roller  bearings 
Our costal treatment includes the upgrading of exposed unpainted components to 316 grade stainless steel.
An example of this is shown in the pictures below where our exposed treadmill shafts have been upgraded to 316 stainless steel, below are pictures of the top and underside of the treadmill that demonstrate the ISO9001 manufacturing quality of our products.


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