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TGO are proud to be supporting Diabetes Australia and GreenFleet. TGO support these organisations in the following ways:
For each piece of TGO equipment installed in Australia TGO donates $50 to Diabetes Australia 
TGO plants 3 trees for each piece of TGO equipment installed in Australia and presents our clients with a carbon offset certificate 





Greenfleet’s mission as a not-for-profit is to create a low carbon future for Australia.
Greenfleet are dedicated to helping the community reduce the environmental impact of travel, business and lifestyle choices by adopting low-carbon alternatives and biosequestration.
Greenfleet works harder to protect and restore Australia’s native biodiversity. Since 1997, Greenfleet has planted over 8.378 million native trees to restore biodiverse forests around Australia.
Greenfleet’s species-rich forests take carbon from the atmosphere to tackle climate change, but they also do much more. Greenfleet plants a variety of native trees in permanent forests that help to reduce salinity and soil erosion, provide essential habitat for native wildlife, and provide much needed resilience in our precious landscape.
Greenfleet have  been doing this for 15 years and are proud to represent some of Australia's best known brand names along with countless households and small businesses.
Our philosophy for tackling climate change involves three key phases:
  1. Avoid creating emissions wherever possible
  2. Reduce the rate at which you do create emissions
  3. Offset any emissions created by recapturing CO2 from the atmosphere
Avoid and Reduce
Greenfleet provides guidance to help households, businesses and other organisations prevent and minimise the greenhouse gases they produce.
Discover how you can avoid and reduce your greenhouse gas emissions.
Greenfleet offsets greenhouse gas emissions by planting forests that soak up carbon dioxide from the atmosphere as they grow. Our forests are made up of a wide variety of Australian native trees that also help to reduce soil erosion and salinity, improve water quality and provide habitat for native animals.

If diabetes continues to rise at the current rates, up to 3 million Australians over the age of 25 years will have diabetes by the year 2025. For type 2, this is likely driven by rising obesity, the ageing population, dietary changes, and sedentary lifestyles. Obesity is a major contributor to type 2 diabetes with estimates showing that eliminating obesity from the population can potentially reduce the incidence of type 2 diabetes by over 40%. The rising incidence of type 1 diabetes is also contributing to the growth of diabetes in Australia. 

Primary prevention aims to stop the development of type 2 diabetes. This can be achieved by encouraging a healthy lifestyle, with a good, balanced diet and moderate physical activity. The Great Outdoor Gym Company are proud of financial support we provide to Diabetes Australia and the role we play in assisting communities become more active through the installation of our ‘free to use’ gyms in public spaces and parks across the country.   

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