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TGO have always been the flag bearers of outdoor gym equipment standards. In other words we think it’s essential for our equipment to be safe and robust.

As the pioneers of outdoor fitness equipment in Europe and now world leaders in the outdoor gym industry, TGO has always upheld the need for safe, inclusive, high quality and functional equipment. From the outset we have employed the services of the most experienced independent safety consultants in the business, they help us ensure that our range met the requirements of the nearest available standards (EN1176 and EN957).

Building on our experience we are leading in development of a new standard with BSI (The British Standard Institution) specifically for outdoor fitness and agility equipment. Indeed our independent safety consultant is the technical author of the new standard.

Here’s a copy of TGO’s safety certificate – which means it’s safe for you to walk the TGO street!

We know that there are some examples of unsafe equipment out there (some outdoor gym providers even claim to be compliant to EN1176 when they are definitely not).

We would recommend that you don’t spend your hard won money on sub-standard and unsafe equipment. It’s a bit like crossing a busy road with your eyes closed – things might turn out ok but only if you’re lucky! Always ask to see the EN1176 compliance certificate for ALL pieces of equipment you are purchasing.

Safety hazards to look out for are:

  • Crushes – exposed stop points
  • Shears – Moving parts that pass openings
  • Entrapments – where parts of bodies can get trapped...or in the worse cases we’ve seen, guillotined.

Made in Britain

We are proud to bring manufacturing home. Our products are made with the very best British steel and engineering. TGO like to go against the grain and while many organisations are moving their manufacturing to China, we are proudly moving ours wholly to the UK.

Quality means everything to us – and there is no better way to ensure quality than to manufacture locally. Our state of the art manufacturing facilities are ISO 9000 quality assured. We make sure that extensive testing is done on our equipment including load, dynamic, cyclical and drop testing. We field test our products too.

When we were designing the TGO Britain range of equipment, British parks were a source of inspiration for us – there is nothing better than the freedom you can enjoy in our amazing parks and open spaces. TGO outdoor fitness equipment is designed to enhance aesthetically the natural environments in which they’re installed.

Design for fitness and good health

Our goal is your good health! Our mission for our outdoor gym spaces is to make the experience as close to the indoor gym experience as possible. We want to continue breaking down the barriers to fitness by making our gyms free accessible, and attractive to the public without losing the fitness functionality that you would get in an indoor gym.

Our research and development has drawn from sound sports science and our fitness expert Greg Andrews advised at drawing board stage on the entire TGO Britain range. Greg is a former physical training instructor for the Royal Marines so he knows all about peak fitness. His input has meant that our equipment offers an all body workout from your leg, trunk and arms in all our cardio, strength and tone exercises. With Greg, we have ensured that our training guidance on our signage is completely clear for all to understand.

We continue to lobby for a government-backed approach using free outdoor gyms to tackle obesity. They are proven to raise sports participation and attract all ages.


We are continuing to develop our range and have studied the indoor gym move towards equality in use.

We are continuing to work towards meeting the Inclusive Fitness Initiative standard.

Our philosophy for our equipment is that it should be used by as many users as possible regardless of age and ability.


Through our work with the rainforest foundation we have already protected over 100 acres of Amazonian rainforest.

Our outdoor gyms promote the great outdoors due to not needing electricity, lighting or heating. And our air-con is provided by Mother Nature!

As mentioned above, we manufacture locally to cut down our carbon footprint on transportation.



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