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The Story behind TGO

The Great Outdoor Gym Company (TGO for short) is a UK based company on a mission to create happy, healthy communities and nurture the planet we live on.
TGO is a family business formed in January 2007 by Georgie, Matt, John and Kathy with hundreds of outdoor gyms successfully installed in over 12 countries.  Manufacturing wholly in the UK, TGO’s highlights include rolling out Olympic gyms for London 2012  and its new green energy gyms which are outdoor gyms that generate electricity.
Prior to TGO there was no outdoor fitness equipment designed for all ages nor standards for the concept and the industry was largely unregulated, dominated by Chinese exporters.
Matt, ex London Director of Sport England, PE teacher and professional basketball player wanted to help communities get more active by offering high quality training facilities in every community. He is driven in his role as MD and feels even more empowered to help people now he is in the private sector. “I feel we have a real opportunity to transform local parks and playing fields into health and wellbeing  spaces for the whole community and tackle health issues from the angle of prevention rather than cure”
John, an experienced lawyer, wanted TGO to offer products where users were as safe as possible and customers were protected by choosing a company that had done its due diligence. “It’s exciting to be pioneering British standards and manufacturing in Britain to offer customers a trusted facility”.
Georgie, whose training was in Industrial design at the University of London, embraced John and Matt’s values for a safe high quality gym facilities in communities. She also wanted to design a range that was inclusive and green. “I absolutely love my job as Creative Director. I feel we are changing the modern park setting for the better. We have set the bench mark for outdoor gyms and are excited about our new generation of gyms that generate electricity.”
From the outset, Team TGO, pioneered outdoor gyms that met play standards to make outdoor gyms suitable for unsupervised park spaces where children are likely to access them.  TGO adopted inclusive fitness standards and indoor training standards. In absence of a European standard, TGO then worked with the BSI on an outdoor gym product specification PAS888 to give customers protection when specifying their gym equipment to ensure it was as safe, inclusive and well tested. More on standards here.
TGO’s client list includes:
• Over 100 UK councils
• ESPO Framework
• 2017 City of Culture  - Hull 
• adidas and London 2012
• Camden NHS
• National Housing Federation
• Adidas Australia
• UK department of Education 


TGO’s testimonials and happy customers range from  Government departments to Local Authorities, Parish Councils, Schools and Colleges. Here are a few for you to see:

Partnerships for Schools, Department of Education:

"PeoplPartnerships for Schools has worked closely with The Great Outdoor Gym Company to secure the roll-out of adiZones across the country on school and other community sites, utilising resources from the cross-Government Co-location Fund programme.  We have found them to be an exemplary delivery partner.  They have managed contact with local authorities and other agencies to ensure the necessary ownership of the adiZone developments at local level, working with individuals to maximise the benefits of the developments to the whole community, and managed links with adidas directly to make the most of their marketing expertise and brand profile. They have successfully embedded the learning secured through the first round of projects into later developments, and shared good practice on an ongoing basis.  Working together, through the investment of £3m co-location funding, we will have delivered 40 adiZones, a significant legacy for many parts of the country ahead of London 2012, and a fantastic testament to the positive working relationship developed between TGOGC, adidas and PfS – a real “win-win” for all partners.

Whitespire Special Needs School

I would like to express our appreciation for the professional installation of our gym at White Spire School, your operatives were friendly and efficient and completed all works on time and to a high standard. The gym is used daily by pupils at break and lunch times with queues at most stations, it is also being used by the PE department to great effect across the school.

I am delighted that I chose to go with tgogc, having carried out extensive research into the outdoor gym market including visits to installations, meetings with suppliers, web research and seeking advice from BSI, I am pleased that my research seems to have paid dividends. Much of the conversation with suppliers was around the meeting of standards and which were, and were not, the key standards to meet, I was aware that I was speaking to sales persons I took the issue up with BSI. My conversation on the phone with BSI was the key decider, BSI cannot recommend any supplier, and did not, however, from the information I procured I believe that the standard will be set as meeting PAS888 at some point and it seemed to be a sensible decision to go with a manufacturer who already meets that standard.

Hull City Council

When you first mention the London 2012 Olympic Games, you don’t instantly think of Hull, yet the city is one of the pioneers carving out its very own Olympic legacy via the installation and development of outdoor gyms, provided in partnership with The Great Outdoor Gym Company. Locally individuals as well as sporting clubs have really taken to these gyms and are very supportive and positive about using them to their personal advantage. 

The gyms, that are free to use and readily accessible to people of all ages and abilities, break down the barriers to physical activity and also act as a gateway to improving health. For example during this summer over 5,000 men, women and young people have taken the opportunity to undertake a personal health programme that has been delivered at the city’s eight outdoor gyms. 

One of these gyms, the eco-wellness zone at Shaw Park in Hull, is wholly unique. Having been designed to be powered entirely by human movement it is lit up at night at no cost enabling people to exercise around the clock. In addition, users are given a wealth of useful information that they need to make lifestyle changes and a self-diagnosis booth tells them how much they weigh, their height, their body mass index, as well as giving guidelines on physical activities.

These gyms are an excellent product being of good value with solid after care and maintenance. Hull is certainly looking to install more in due course.

Capel Le Ferne Parish Council 

Your support throughout the year has been invaluable...and has helped us to win an award (see link -) Please pass my sincere thanks to all of your team and wish them a very happy Christmas and New Year...I will be in touch in 2014.

TGO’s best advocates are the communities that use its gyms:
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