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Get fit with the TGO Trainers

Meet Tony and Shanie, the TGO Trainers. Shanie’s a pro-dancer and MTV presenter. Tony’s had a pro-football career after being talent-spotted in his teens. They’re here to help you get active at TGO outdoor gyms – for a better workout and a healthier, happier life.

Scroll down to the bottom of this page or click here to see TGO's outdoor gym equipment in action as Tony & Shanie show you how to use the equipment correctly, including some handy trainers tips. Have a watch!


TGO Fact File: Shanie 

1.TGO Trainer

2.Presents MTV’s ‘The Wrap Up’

3.Columnist and presenter for Flavour magazine

4.Pro-dancer (toured with Kelly Rowland and Black Eyed Peas)

5.Loves a Mexican dish!


TGO Fact File: Tony

1.TGO Trainer

2. Pro-footballer

3. Star defender (played for Gillingham FC and Lincoln City)

4. Behavioural mentor for school kids providing emotional support & motivation

5. Loves a sunny break


At your TGO gym? Not sure how to use the equipment?

How’s this for a Quick Response?!

Live in 2014, you can access Tony and Shanie’s training videos via all new TGO gym equipment. (Wow! How?) 
Just scan the QR code with your smartphone on TGO outdoor gym signage* – then Tony and Shanie will demo that piece of TGO equipment for you. Amazing tips and techniques to get the best out of your TGO workout – for beginners and for regulars who want to up the challenge. And it’s absolutely free of charge!

*QR Codes available on all new TGO outdoor gym pieces installed in 2014

How to use

TGO Trainers, Shanie and Tony, show you how to use every piece of TGO equipment. Step by step, they demo start and finish techniques on TGO outdoor exercise pieces. Find out what muscle groups you’re working on. Listen out for Tony and Shanie’s top fitness tips. Learn how to up the challenge at your TGO outdoor gym. Pick up the pace with interval training ideas.

(Keep an eye out for QR codes on all new TGO outdoor gym equipment to access these vids!)

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