Why I Use The Gym

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Katrina Parry:
i love ours in our local area they r fab

Emma Guildford:
I go to the one at Stevens Park in Quarry Bank and I think it's excellent!

Katrina Parry:
They r fab we got three in Dorchester and we spend everyday on them

Hippolyte Grigg of Friends of Norwood Park :
You may like to know that there is hardly a day when the Gym is not being used. It's a great success and one of the best things we have done for these folk and for our park in general. I have many a discussion with users who express its benefits. Even the table tennis table is being put to good use too!

Rebecca Emily Stone:
Love the Outdoor Gym at the Farnborough Recreation Ground

I'm 11 and I use the Mitcham branch reguarly for my football fitness. My favourite activities are the Chest Press and the Exercise Bike.

David Stalker, UK active CEO:
Over recent years there has been a huge increase in people choosing to make use of outdoor space to exercise in order to get away from the usual confines of the gym. As a consequence, it has become increasingly necessary to push up standards overall for the protection of consumers and instructors alike. We (UK active) welcome any logical changes or developments to improve safety across the (outdoor gym) sector as a whole.

Rachel Dixon:
I used one of your outdoor gyms with my sons today and though it was fab!! As a gym instructor and a big gym fan I think this idea is awesome. I would love one in my own village as I'd definitely use it on a regular basis. It's a great concept, let your kids play or workout with you and all outdoors so you can enjoy the weather.
Amazing idea and I'm raving about it to my family and friends!! Fingers crossed we get one locally. :)

Ronnie Haydon:
To build upper body strength without the expense of joining a sweaty indoor gym where I might catch a virus. I can watch the birds while I try to combat Middle Aged Fat Back Syndrome....

Please get a gym on bilton grange hull with pull ups and dips

To body build my physique and increase my healthiness :)

I moved to cardiff 6 months ago with my husband and twin girls, to keep me sane i love running. This week i discovered your outdoor gym equipment and its the best thing ever. I can not rave on about it enough to friends and family. Best part, its green and free. Thank u tgogc. One happy lady

Nat Hewitt:
Saw your gyms on CNN. Brilliant idea. Esp the electricity generator element. Good luck - hope you expand nationwide.

Producer Sans:
CBPCreative love this! What a great idea, this is so inspiring, for people to put in action their great and unique ideas and also making exercise and fitness as easy as possible for people, no excuse now!

Used the gym equipment for the first time this morning! Was awesome!

Hi, just wanted to say thanks for your good work. My husband and I like to finish off our jog round Finsbury Park with a little session on the equipment of the outdoors gym, It's brilliant!

Just used your outdoor gym at Southwark Park. It was a glorious autumn day so enjoyed it much better than being inside. What a great idea!

Sophie Helsham:
This is definitely a company I'd want to work for - nothing like empowering all sorts of people, young and old, to get outside, play, get active and exercise.

Andrew Levings:
hey guys, Just a massive THANKS. Your outdoor gym in Halifax is awesome Did a good 20-30 minute non-stop circuit using all the equipment, finished with lots of dips/chins in a superset.. Now I should start petitioning councils in the Midlands lol

It is close to where I live and I am so grateful that we have this outdoor gym now at Lady Hill park. I go there after my kids have gone to school in the morning and enjoy the facility. It's great! In Singapore where I used to work, have these facilities. It's high time every community in the UK has this facility and keep everyone moving and be healthy, whatever the weather is.

Great to have the outdoor gym near us at Peckham Rye.

John Morris:
I liked ur out door gym in Jordanthorpe and it would be nice if it was expanded to Chesterfield where I live.

Just wanted to let you know we have been using your outdoor gym equipment at Leavesden Park in Watford for a month now we go ever day rain or shine have never felt better. My arms are so much stronger now and keey my knee moving has made so much difference. Keep up the good work; we love it and wouldn't want to stop. May Thanks.

Paul Bringloe:
I'm a regular user of your fantastic gym up at Peckham Rye Park (just by the big pond).

I am on maternity leave and do a lot of walking with the pushchair. This park is close to my house, so a short walk, my son goes enjoys the park (sandpit and swings) then he is usually ready for a sleep. So it's then ME time, I continue my walk using he equipment that is spread around the park. The equipment is great, it is in good working order and simple to use.
A work out for me, fun for my son, along with some sleep and fresh air for both of us.
What a fantastic idea, every park should have some of this equipment!

Valerie Clark:
I have just had an enjoyable holiday on Hayling Island. Our hotel was situated almost opposite your Outdoor Gym, Seafront, Hayling Island. I was able to use the equipment every morning before breakfast. I was really impressed with the quality and upkeep of the whole area. The equipment was in excellent condition and regularly used throughout the day with all age groups using it. I have now returned home and miss my early morning gym session in the fresh air. Do you have any similar Outdoor Gyms in the London area, or more specifically Harrow, Middlesex area? I have a local Roxbourne Park, which would be ideal for such a Gym.

Joanne Mitchell:
I have just started using the new TGO equiptment in Lady Hill Park. I run laps around the park then use the gym in addition to my workout. It's great! No pressure and it's free. No expensive gym memberships and available 24/7 (even in the rain!!) I love it :)

Wendy (Mum) and Chloe:
I am at Chatham FC recreational part with my 10 year old daughter and have just discovered the TGO equipment. Fantastic. Thank you.

Kevin Steel:
I’ve been using this facility now for around a year? I can’t remember when it was installed but we love it! It’s about 3000 metres from my house, across open countryside and my run takes in some of the finest views in the country across the rolling Peak District landscape on the edge of Barnsley. 

My wife commutes to Sheffield on the train from Penistone and leaves her car at the station for me to pick up at after my run to the gym. I have 7 minutes on each piece of kit and then a further 1500 metres along the Trans-Pennine Trail to Penistone station to pick up the car.

Great kit, just right for my 53 year old bones and muscles and no queues to fight past or posers flexing their enhanced bodies for all the chicks to see!

I have recently started using these gyms - as there are a few on my route home I am able to create a circuit - stopping at each gym on the way home to do a few reps before moving on to the next one. There is no other gym which has this flexibility. After spending ages looking for pay as you go gyms which were suitable - the outdoor gyms totally wiped them off any consideration for cost and convenience. I also found that despite my fears - I have not been stabbed, not have I been kicked off the equipment by bigger people - and there are no queues. Generally I find the 'audience' of non-working mums and kids a lot less intimdating than the muscle heads you get at gyms. I almost don't want to recommend them as I have such uninterrupted access to the gyms I don't want to ruin it by encouraging others to come!

natalie healey:
I love being able to use gym equipment outdoors, who wants to be stuck inside with false lighting, loud music and expensive fees. wish there was more equipment in my park!

Honour Stedman:
Dear Great Outdoor Gym Company What a marvellous idea. I have now discovered and used the facilities you provide in Nehaven, East Sussex, and they are very useful indeed. I am disabled and financially not well off. There is Seahaven gym and swimming pool in the town but I cannot possibly afford to use it. While I was familiarising myself with your machines, a couple all the way from Worthing joined me and used the gym. Keep up the good work and hopefully many more free outdoor gyms will arrive. Yours a pleased customer, Honour Stedman.

Lee Hopeton:
Its on my way to work and its free,I also want to lose some pounds and get fit whilst doing it, I have lots of fun getting fit, its a fabulous resource and every park should have one, I'm just glad netherton does!!!

Ellen Prince:
I am 63 years old type 2 diabetic. I was using the Adidas gyms at Hayling Island and Portsmouth till I found the tgogc at Catherington near Horndean. I have been using the gyms for 2 years and also do strength training at home and walk/run and hiking. I am now off all my diabetes medication and just diet and exercise alone. The gym is great fun and such a good way to exercise. Now my 62 year old husband is also using the tgogc. He is also diabetic type 2 We can get a good workout by walking to it. I can't afford gym membership so its great! I love the chest press and lat pull down, but I am only 5ft tall so I lift my body weight as i cannot reach the ground. I can move paving slabs and compost bags tree trunks etc now, no problem.

Simon Bethune:
I live in Burgess Hill and have just seen the outdoor gym that was recently installed at FairField Rec. Brilliant! I've changed my lesuire centre membership now, as a result of being able to do a chest press and a lat pulldown for free in the open air. I just wish the council had spoken to the public first to find out what they wanted because if they had sprung for the pull up machine then it would be the complete package!! Cheers

Tony & Elijah Soper :
We visited your outdoor gym in Newhaven today and would like to say what a great time we had in it. My 4yr old son loved the running machine. I think all local councils should have your facilities in their areas! Great equipment, thanks!

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Caroline Willis:
Use the Ravenor Park gym in Greenford - wish it had more equipment but love the cross trainer - love exercising in the fresh air rather than a sweaty, smelly indoor gym :-)

Simon :
I save money on gym membership, can go outside gym opening hours (ridiculously early or late), can pretty much always use every piece of equipment without waiting, get fresh air, can choose either my own music (ipod) or peace and quiet, not awful gym music! Also, running here makes a good circuit. Also no posers and no sweaty changing rooms. Just a few reasons then...

Dave Butterworth :
Have introduced my 7 year old grandson Mackenzie to the gym in Poynton. He loves it. Brilliant! He loved it so much he got his dad to take him back yesterday. Another conversion. What a good concept.

Rick Hopkinson:
The new tgogc exercise features at manor heath park are great and its really good that this park has had them installed. Thanks :)

On the outdoor gym at Burnham now. Fabulous. Hope that’s the sort of feed back you want. Brilliant. Thank you.

I love to run to the outdoor gym, it's become part of my circuit. Unlike the overpriced gyms there is no macho man standing behind me posing in a mirror whilst I'm on the cross trainer!

Tarmo Risunen:
I'm studying in London for four months exchange studies. The climate is quite hard for my lungs. I had a pneumonia and I use your outdoor gym equipments to rehabilitate myself and to get my brawn back. I enjoy and am satisfied.

T. J. Irving:
At 73 years old I never considered joining a comercial gym because I wasn't very fit but since I've been using the equipment at the Levsden Park, for the past month, my fitness has improved considerably so that I feel able to join a commercial concern if I wish. This outdoor equipment seems perfectly adequate and one can make up all sorts of stretching and compressing exercises. To me it is a very important facility which I use about twice a day. Thank you for the invention and the council or whoever provides the funding for it.

Hello - I've actually reviewed my local outdoor gym and play area - two articles, which are linked from this one: http://www.stratfordapp.co.uk/2011/09/abbey-lane-play-area/ I have a few more images, too ... Ruth

Maggie Spencer:
My friend and I have just discovered the gym in Ravenor Park but feel it could be bigger, there is the room for more equipment especially a treadmill. We usually do 45 minutes walking and then do 30 mins at the gym, we are both over 50.

Lloyd Baines-Davies, Play and Recreation Officer, Corby:
The area the fitness kit is in is probably one of the most deprived in the town. I was really concerned about this kit going in to that area because of the problems we have been having with mindless vandalism (probably the worst I have seen and I have worked here for 25 years); but once the kit had been installed the attitude changed amongst the youth and they started to get active and use the equipment, they now self police the area and even keep it litter free. The fitness gym has made a real positive effect in that area and vandalism issues have dropped by 60%. The kit itself is fantastic and is very well made and with it being made in the UK is all the better as far as I am concerned.

Martin Hall, Leisure Services, Haringey Council :
Visited new British made outdoor Gym range launch at the Park Leisure stand at the recent annual Saltex Exhibition and immediately re-wrote my preferred order list for 2 new gyms planned for 2012. The improvements include a new pull up and assisted pull up, a new shoulder press, the only ones I have seen, a new multi-function sit-up bench and an improved leg press machine. The kit is already rugged and though we have not had breakdowns the availability of parts now British made will be a bonus.

Dave Gittins:
Really good equipment, makes exercise fun! Dave Gittins from Bedford age 43 and a bit, let my 2 girls have a go too!!

Why do you use the gym?


Joanne Turner :
First time I have seen this n love it. My name is Joanne Turner from Chadderton. Visited Queens Park in Heywood with my dad n my son aged 5, so 3 generations enjoyed this equipment and just loved this idea. I even witnessed 2 ladies using this equipment instead of going to the gym. Thank you

Simon Hicks:
At the new gym in selly oak its awesum every park should have one!

I think your outdoor gym equipment is very good

Chloe and Kara:
Hello, I am at semi park where you have put an outdoor gym. My cousin and I really like it on here and would definitely rate it high!

The equipment is great u should get some in every park so mor people can stay fit like I do!

Claire Hudson :
Fantastic gym my first time using it 2day in Mary Stevens park Stourbridge.

I think that it is a fantastic idea and I like the idea of being able to work out in the fresh air for free without the competition that the indoor gyms have. In my opinion there should be many more gyms made in more local areas!

Lauraa Foster:
Really good idea but there should be a gym in Yeovil. Lauraa Foster aged 15

Fantastic idea. Using the gym at Finsbury Park with children. Thank you.

James Read:
I'm disabled and on a low income but need to do regular physio. The outdoor gym equipment at Burnham Park has been a REAL gift. My condition was starting to decline because I could no longer afford a gym membership to maintain my physio regime that LITERALLY allows me to keep my mobility. Then I discovered this amazing gym on my doorstep for free. The Great Outdoor Gym Company has in a very true sense given me a new lease of life & I am sincerely grateful.

I used the Stowe Pool (Lichfield) Gym today. Great gym, and with a unique view to the lake!

Brett Manger:
The exercise equipment are amazing at the reck selly oak.

Used your outdoor gym today! What an excellent idea. Thank you!

I use the local outdoor gym because I want to keep fit and healthy but not with a ridiculous price tag. I do reps on the machines after I've done a run in the park. It also spares the awkwardness and embarrassment of working out in front of real gym bunnies!

Chelsea Hall:
Hey, I think the parks very good, I am enjoying it,xxx

Loving the workout equipment at Hayling island

Brigitte Jones:
Thanx 4 brilliant gym equipment at ladybarn park Manchester

What a gr8 idea, both my kids n I had a fab time on the east park, hull gym. Shame there isn’t 1 in every park – a gr8 way 2 encourage fitness.

Karen Barnes:
I think the outdoor gyms are a fantastic idea and would love to see local councils roll this out across Scotland. I really enjoy working out but find myself restricted because of my shift the indoor gyms are not open early enough for me to get full use of the facilities. An outdoor gym in our area would be a benefit for young and old to enjoy. I believe that this is the way forward and will get people away from the t.v and pro-mote a healthy life style.

I think these outdoor gyms are a great way of keeping fit without the hastle and cost of signing up to over priced gyms! America has been using outdoor gyms for years now and its about time Britain embraced the concept and put these facillities into every town and city. They are available for everyone to use therfore encouraging more people to participate in physical activity!


Having a brilliant day using the equipment. Good outdoor fun :)

Big up "Gyms without Walls! - great stuff guys! Keep up the good work!

Patrick L:
Hi, I have just finished using the outdoor gym in Whittington park and it is great! I think an outside gym is a brilliant idea. My situation makes it difficult to attend a gym at the moment, whilst on a bus travelling along Holloway rd I spotted the outside gym and said to myself yes, this is defo me! I thought to go for a jog this morning and finish with a circuit kind workout. It has been a while but I decided on reps of 50 for 2 sets. Not the sit ups though, I only managed 20 to 25! And all was done in the rain! The instructions were clear and easy to follow, the only thing was my bum was cold whilst seated! A small negative to a wonderful workout! Currently I am 19 stone, 43 and a male in need of a cardiovascular workout! I know with determination and focus on my part I will reach my goal! Thank you for the free gym.

Shereen Pitt:
I am determined to loose one stone in weight without cost. Your equipment in Heywood is a main part in my plan. So thank you.

My name is dean I am 17 years old and I have been using this gym for 2 days now and can already feel the benefits im so glad you guys made this near to where I live x

Anthony Green :
I love this park u got in isle of white I live in torquay Devon we could do with one of these there lol very nice to see

Your gyms have helped me a lot in different ways. I can’t thank you enough. I drive to your gym as much as I can on McDonald Road. Thank you from all of us. My Mum is not very well, she would love it too.

Debbie Standen:
Emailed my local council and the health minister. I think every town and village should have one of your gyms.

Bethan Williams:
Hi, this looks great, have just put a stop on my gym membership. I am now running around the park instead, there are only so many laps you can do though....... I WOULD LOVE A FREE GYM IN MY PARK in Stopsley xxx

Martin Barker:
BRILLIANT! How can I get a free gym in my park?

Jennifer Daley:
I can't believe it! Why aren't there more gym in the parks in every London area? I stumbled upon the one in Peckham Rye today. It's a brillant idea to get kids and adults doing more exercise especially during the summer. And during this credit crunch it is an inexpensive way of getting fitter!

Jason James O'Leary:
Went to the one in Chandos Recreation Ground last night with my friend. Only found it on the off chance that we decided to go running there.

Ian Sheppard:
VERY happy to see what you're up to – more power to you! Can we have one in Vauxhall Park or Battersea Park? Pleeease?

Martin Owens:
Just seen GMTV, what a fantastic idea. I live right near Phillips Park nr Manchester City Football Ground, a current regeneration area. Would be great to see this here as gym memberships are astronomical, plus obesity is on the increase. I would be there everyday

Rachel Faulkner:
I'd love to see these in the Birmingham area; finding affordable gym access is really difficult! We could really do with something like your free gyms around here :)

Kirsty Fry:
Wow, I would love one of these near me, it looks amazin!!

The Love Thing UK:
I went to an outdoor gym and it was Grrrrreat. I will be going back, however it is miles away and we need one in the park near me. I am contacting Wokingham County Council in the morning.

Kristie Ryan:
I want one of these in Burnham on Crouch – plenty of space for one, lol.

Helen Lou Martin:
Just seen these on BBC Breakfast... one in East Lancashire would be fantastic... some peeps are too nervous or poor or even both to use private gyms... these should be as available to adults as jungle gyms are to kids :D

Sherryanne Ream:
I went to a park like this yesterday and I thought it was brill.

Helen Frost:
Waterhead Park in Oldham or Alexandra Park in Oldham. Both brilliant parks but if they had a free outdoor gym, I'd use them all the time. Currently have to go to Queen's Park in Rochdale, a 20 minute drive away. I'm a full time student so can't afford to go to a subscription gym.

Julie Procter:
We have a park in West Yorkshire which is very large with plenty of space. It would be brilliant to have a gym on there. I think it would be used all the time, saving money on gym memberships, helping people to look after their health.

Phil Townsend:
Please help to get some of these outdoor gyms in Coventry, they are fantastic.

Surbiton Conservatives:
This is a wonderful idea. Please could we have one in Victoria Park, Surbiton. It would provide real facilities for all, reducing anti-social behaviour, and improving the health and fitness across all age groups in this part of London.

Heather Loweena Egan:
I went to one in Finsbury Park and can't get over what a wonderful idea this is!!

Rena Tia Conroy:
So cool. I wish they had this here in New Zealand at the park for kids.

Shahid Miah:
Amazing exercise machines fitted in Belfield Park, good facilities for local residents, thank you.

Kelly Clark and Daniel Osmond:
Just used your gym at Dragonfly Lane with my husband, fantastic to be outside....hope to see more of you!

Tried your outdoor gym in the park at Lichfield, very good. Popular with us older fogies!

Kirsten Abbott:
We'd like one in Beckenham, south-east London. Kelsey Park or Croydon Road

Paul Hughes, Hall Green Birmingham:
Fantastic. Really is the best product in the park

Fiona Downes:
I used the outdoor gym in Verulamium Park in St Albans when visiting friends at the weekend - it was used by adults and children, what a great facility!

Jane Hurst:
I LOVE the outdoor gym in Haverhill! I am incorporating it into my fitness program for the winter and beyond

A great gym here in Mandley Park. I come with my children every Sunday

Just using the outdoor gym at Bostall Heath, SE2. I think it’s great. I use it at least twice a day. I am 42 and this is just what I needed to start getting fit again. Brilliant.

Great Outdoor Gym – thanks

Whole family has just used the outdoor gym at Dorchester Park. Great idea. Thanks

Hayling Island is an absolutely excellent facility with a great range of fitness options

Tom Hickson:
The adiZone is the greatest and most inspiring Olympic & Paralympic community based facility the World has ever seen. In rural East Cambridgeshire we have two adiZone facilities that are situated in localities where there is great need to unite communities together. Prior to the delivery of our adiZone's there was no single facility that could tackle agendas such as health inequalities and community safety, but now we have the answer. East Cambridgeshire has built its Olympic & Paralympic Legacy foundations on delivering World Class infrastructure, and now we have two World Class facilities to sustain the Legacy. As a result I believe that the adiZone will play a major role in successfully sustaining our nations Olympic & Paralympic Legacy from the 2012 Games.

Outdoor gym is brilliant. Thank you

Kevin Flee:
I would like to say a big hearty THANK YOU to the people that put the Green Legacy Gym into Peckham Rye Park. We discovered it yesterday and I came down to use it this morning and it was an awesome experience. Many thanks for your wonderful efforts.


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